Brian McKay


Works from the Holmes à Court Collection and Lenders

22 April - 10 July 2005

Brian McKay is considered one of Western Australia’s most prominent modernists. This survey exhibition examines McKay’s practice from 1954 to 2004.

Over the past five decades his practice has continued to develop and expand from his early work as a design artist in the 1960s that gave him a deep appreciation of materials and process. His exposure to hard-edged art and minimalism during time spent in England during the sixties, is evident in the mechanical surfaces of works he produced in the 1970s.

While many of his paintings tend to abstraction, McKay's interest in architectural forms, the effects of light on textured surfaces, and identity of place is evident in the works in this exhibition. The paintings with their metallic surfaces and geometric forms reflect McKay's fascination with design and surface - each of which are unarguably unique.

This retrospective exhibition includes works on paper and paintings from The Holmes à Court Collection and lenders.

In association with the Artist and Galerie Dusseldorf.

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