Jarinyanu - David Downs


13 February - 11 April 2004

From the Holmes à Court Collection

Jarinyanu David Downs was born near Lake Gregory around 1925, in country belonging to the Wangkajunga language group in the Great Sandy Desert region of Western Australia.

Until his early twenties Jarinyanu followed a completely traditional lifestyle, closely engaged with desert country. He then left the desert to work mostly on cattle stations for the next twenty years. Jarinyanu's painting career began in Fitzroy Crossing, in the late 1960's, carving shields, boomerangs and coolamons. In the 1980's he bagan painting mostly figurative works, using a combination of acrylic paints and natural earth pigments on canvas.

This exhibition features paintings by Jarinyanu in which he explores his traditional 'stories' or Dreamings, often integrating references to christian stories into his work.