Kings Park Visions


22 July - 09 October 2005

Works from the Holmes à Court Collection. In association with Kings Park & Botanic Gardens Authority.

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This exhibition features works from The Holmes à Court Collection which celebrate the unique beauty of views of and from Kings Park.

These selected works include paintings and works on paper by renowned artists including;

John Campbell, Portia Bennett, Guy Grey-Smith, Frederick Garling, James Walter Linton, Walter Meston, Harald Vike.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden comprises 400 ha, of which approximately 267 ha is bushland, 1.5km from the city centre.

It has been a source of pleasure to Perth residents since it was set aside as parkland due to the vision of Sir Malcolm Fraser and Governor, Sir Frederick Weld.

On 1 October 1872 an area of 432 acres (175 ha) on Mount Eliza was gazetted as a public park and named Perth Park. The Commissioner for Lands, Sir Malcolm Fraser, had submitted this proposal to and obtained the approval of the Governor, Sir Frederick Weld, more than a year previously.

To honour Edward VII's accession to the throne, the park was renamed King's Park in 1901.

Shortly afterwards the park was visited by the King's son, the Duke of Cornwall and York who officiated the ceremony to declare the park in his father's honour.