The Holmes à Court Collection, started in the early 1960s, grew from the family’s interest in Australian and Indigenous art. It has steadily developed over time into an internationally renowned collection that documents many areas of Australian cultural significance. This background has provided the focus for what is an eclectic and very personal collection. A core philosophy has been to look at artists and their works in terms of the connections and relationships that can be formed when developing exhibitions, rather than a chronological or historical recording of Australian art history.

Today the Collection, what is now the Janet Holmes à Court Collection, consists of more than 5,000 registered artworks and continues to be an important collection of Australian and Western Australian art, with a strong emphasis on Indigenous works. We share the Collection with the public through our own exhibitions and loans of works to other public institutions for exhibition and publication. The Collection is also made available where possible for curatorial research.

Janet Holmes à Court is sole owner of the Janet Holmes à Court Collection.


New Acquisitions

Since 2000: Howard Taylor   Flying machine
Kate Turner   Grass Valley, Pale Morning WA
Carlier Makigawa   Catch the moment 1
Savanhdary Vongpoothorn   Raked Garden 1
Naparula Mitjili   untitled
Rosslynd Piggott   Tracing Sky no. 5
Rosslynd Piggott   Tracing Sky No.4
Irwin Crowe   In the afternoon shade #29
Irwin Crowe   Lost #28
Irwin Crowe   Study for Painting
Tony Tuckson   TD1607
Tony Tuckson   TD 855 (red abstract)
Nola Farman   The Book of Dark Pages by Nora Fleming
Graham Wood   Shoreline (winter)
Richard Larter   Dita
Jon Tarry   Horizon Fused
Brian Hartigan   17-1-01
Petr Herel   Silent Commandments
Petr Herel   Talus
Angelina Pwerle   Plum Dreaming
Eveline Kotai   Project # 5 Series
Mitsuo Takeuchi   Transfiguration Ring - Mebius XV
Rick Amor   The Turning Season 2
Queenie Mckenzie   Barramundi